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Another Dive

The pristine coastal view can never sit still. Like a shaky leg before an interview, my mind tries to calibrate the scenic landscape my eyes are fixed upon. A semi loud quack from the seagulls just above my forehead breaks me out of my daydream haze. The salty wind gives me the energy to just go for it. I try to swallow but all I get is the baron gulp of dry mouth. I rub my hands together to get some friction going. Can I explain how I am feeling?..I'll try. Ive been here before. I knew that when I left last time, it would not be my last. It's so hard to explain it, but there are some feelings I get that are rooted in me like the underground railroads of heavenly guidance. Whenever I get nervous, my senses heighten. My brain works faster, and my eyes sharper. I'm about to dive in. Any second now. There is one trick.....SPLASH!...WOW! That water is cold and exhilarating ..Yes! I can still see underwater...I can breathe too! I check my time. About 3 minutes. That's all I need. The way the water contorts the colors of the reefs is magical to say the least. This time I'm going somewhere I haven't been. I head towards the sunken ship. Treasure chests? Skeletons of Pirates? Nothing. Just broken wood and debris. Well that's anticlimactic. I have a little over a minute. What else? Down! I'm just gonna keep on going down until I can't anymore. Faster. faster, FASTER! Why can't I swim anymore? No, I don't want it to end. Why does everything end? Why am I here? Why does thinking cause turmoil! 10 seconds. I'm coming back.

Objective writing is something I am grateful for. It's free and it expands the boundaries of my writing. I learned about it in the book Write Better Lyrics. I've been doing it for a while now. I'm also grateful for the fact that a lot of amazing things I can do, are free. Playing guitar, reading, meditating. But what about a Utopia with no money? Will there always be roadblocks? I am starting to believe overcoming obstacles is the fastest way to become a Myth, a Legend, dare I say it, a god...Well, there is no Utopia right now, and I don't see one in the near future. So I will continue to embrace every poop sandwich life serves to me. Not literally. I'm not scared to fail anymore. Step 1 is learning how to fail and actually looking forward to it. It's a win win for me. If I succeed, then I progress farther in this game of life. If I fail, then I learn more than I would if I succeeded.

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