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Music Challenge: Chiptune Composition #1

I want to become better at writing Chiptune Music. So I have decided to offer up Challenges with the hopes I will learn and grow accomplishing these Challenges.

Each Challenge will have a series of guidelines I MUST follow. Here are the rules for this Challenge.

- Complete entire song in 1 hour

- Key of C major

- Use only 4 tracks

- Try and make it sound hopeful, like a new beggining.

Here I go.

You can listen to it down below.

I've decided I will write takeaways....What I learned from each musical challenge.


1. In 1 hour there is NO way I can write more than a 2 minute song.

2. Everything is rhythm based. The melodies play an important role in the rhythmic feel of the song.

3.If your starting out writing Chiptune music (which I am) start with just one synth. It is possible to write the bass parts and the lead using just one wave sound.

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